Recent updates in Flotiq (June 2020)

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Recent updates in Flotiq (June 2020)

We're constantly updating Flotiq for you, so using it is more and more convenient. Here's a set of changes, that we think might be interesting for you.

2 min read
Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
Recent updates in Flotiq (June 2020)

New type of field: Geo point

With today's update, we introduce a new type of field: Geo point. You can now store locations of your objects in a more comfortable way. The next step is to add proximity search in search functionality, so stay tuned.

Cancel button in Content Type Definition edit page

We standardized the buttons between Content Object and Content Type Definition edit pages by adding the 'Cancel' button in the second one.

More flexible editing

Now you can not only add new objects when you edit relations of your objects, but you can also edit them when needed.

Duplicates in Content Type Definitions properties

We now prevent the addition of two properties with the same names to protect your code and to make sure that Content Object form works correctly.

Fixed default values of filters

While using our Postman package, you could encounter a wrong default value of filters in Content Objects listing; it should not be the case now. Code samples in your API doc have correct filters as well.

Incorrect URLs in media objects

For a couple of hours, the images downloaded from Unsplash were saved with incorrect URLs. All URLs have been corrected now.


Some time ago, we introduced the `/removed` endpoint; now, it also has complete documentation. We also improved Readme files in Flotiq Blog starter and Flotiq Source Plugin for GatsbyJs.

Number field problems

Until now, because of the wrong step and min properties set on the number input field, you couldn't add negative numbers and numbers with fractions. We fixed it now :)
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