How to speed up your work process with Flotiq Starters

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How to speed up your work process with Flotiq Starters

In this article, we want to explain to you how to work with Flotiq Starters and everything you need to know about the latest Flotiq update

3 min read
Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
How to speed up your work process with Flotiq Starters

What you should know about Flotiq starters 

Recently, we showed you our rebranded Flotiq Headless CMS and Components library. With the Flotiq team, we do everything to simplify and improve the work process with content for big or small companies, freelancers or enterprises with Flotiq.     
After our observations, we noticed and decided to help you speed up the process of creating a new project with Flotiq.   
Today we want to announce a bunch of new starters for you. Better, faster with fresh and modern design, new content types and objects, improved integrations and everything to make every project more professional.   
If you think we can improve something in Flotiq Headless CMS starters, let us know and help make Flotiq better together.   

What is a Flotiq Starter?  

Flotiq Headless CMS starter is a pre-made frontend web application linked to a template with configured content types, components and integrations.  

How does Flotiq Starter work?  

Before we tell you about Flotiq Starters, let's step back to the base and understand what a starter is and how it works.   
We create starters for many different purposes.   
With headless CMS starters, you can build a blog, portfolio, recipe website, an online store and many other websites. As a headless CMS, Flotiq thinks about its users and designs everything for a specific use case. Headless CMS starters will allow you to quickly deploy and manage your web project's content.   
Flotiq Starters use data you put in the backend (in flotiq editor) and then pull it from a template generated by our team to display it in a frontend you chose.  
You can check the list of our starters. After logging in, you will see the list on the left side of the editor's menu.   
You will see new headless CMS starters for blog, portfolio, event, recipe and online store. 
The list of Flotiq Headless CMS starters

The list of Flotiq Headless CMS starters

What’s next for Flotiq Starters   

First, we’d like to hear from you about your experience with Flotiq Headless CMS Starters. It will be significant to get information on what kind of Starters you come up with. We’d love to share these Starters with the Flotiq community as you finish them.   
If you like to share this, please let us know at hello@flotiq.com. As a result, we’ll be adding new features to make developing and using headless CMS starters even easier. We’ll also expand the number of use cases available and provide them with the most up to date Flotiq features. Keep an eye out for everything, so you will be the first one to know what’s going on around :) 

Let's build Flotiq together  

How you can help: 

We appreciate each message and piece of feedback that you share.   
Stay safe and stay with us for more updates! 
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