Recent updates in Flotiq (December 2023)

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Recent updates in Flotiq (December 2023)

Discover the most recent improvements in Flotiq Headless CMS, which include addressing bugs, introducing compelling new features, and optimizing performance. Ensure a smooth content management workflow by leveraging the capabilities of our robust CMS solution.

1 min read
Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
Recent updates in Flotiq (December 2023)


Webhooks for content type changes

Now you can set up Content Type webhooks to keep external systems in the loop about any changes to your data model.


Webhook payload 

The latest update ensures that all webhooks consistently include the necessary attribute, making it easier to manage multiple webhooks in a single endpoint. Check out the details in Flotiq's Documentation


Enhanced object counting

We've introduced a new endpoint that allows you to retrieve counts for each content type efficiently. This improvement enhances the display of object counts per type on the type listing screen, providing a more user-friendly experience.
For more detailed information and updates, please explore the Flotiq Documentation. Happy coding!
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