Recent updates in Flotiq (June 2020)

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Recent updates in Flotiq (June 2020)

We're constantly updating Flotiq for you, so using it is more and more convenient. Here's a set of changes, that we think might be interesting for you.

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Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
Recent updates in Flotiq (June 2020)

Rich text and Media Library

We've added  Media Library handling to our markdown:
and Rich text fields:
It makes adding images to your rich-text inputs much, much more comfortable. You can still add pictures from the other sources using add image functionality. 

Bugfix: Too wide grids

Sometimes clicking on the edit button on objects lists could be difficult, when the grid would be too wide, and the vertical scroll-bar would appear. We've fixed setting the with of the list, and make sure that edit button would not hide under the right grid border.
So this:  
would always become this: 

Bugfix: Wrong response description for /removed endpoint

We've encountered a problem with generated Angular package, which turns out to be the wrong description of response in /removed endpoint. The openaApi description has been fixed, and now all of the libraries are generated correctly once more.
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