Recent updates in Flotiq - Autumn 2022

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Recent updates in Flotiq - Autumn 2022

We've had the last autumn release recently. Here are the most notable improvements that happened in the previous three months. We hope winter will bring us more updates.

2 min read
Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
Recent updates in Flotiq - Autumn 2022

User guide onboarding on the dashboard

You can be guided on the Fltoiq dashboard, and in case of any questions, you can always get back to us with the help button on the bottom right corner.

Media library

We are trying to improve your experience with Flotiq Media Library, so here are some of the updates:
  • add, edit, remove media tag
  • filter by tag
  • multiple select and delete

An option to buy an extra File Quota on the Plan&Usage page

You can increase your file quota if you have one of our paid plans. Now you can enjoy more for less.

Nested list-data

Now you can create nested lists in your projects and products.

The list type field in the grid 

You can display list attribute values (and a number of items) for "list" attributes in the content grid of objects.

Improved hydration level

Including recursive hydration with configurable level 2 and configurable for enterprise users.

New amazing and professional NextJS starters

We have made both frameworks, GatsbyJS and NextJS, so you can choose the best framework for your needs. We are constantly working on our Starters library

PATCH endpoint

Using PATCH to update an object, you don't have to send Flotiq the whole object, all properties, but only those you want to change.

Flotiq CLI

Now `flotiq start` command CLI is smarter. It allows you to initialize our Nextjs starters, not only Gatsby. Just run flotiq start with our nextjs starter repository

Try Flotiq with Contentful data

You could use Flotiq without a painless migration if you have a Contentful account. To check how your Contentful data looks like in Flotiq, use Flotiq contentful-import command

Moved GraphQL from beta.

We checked performance issues and resolved known bugs and improved GraphQL docs.
This is only part of the changes we are working on. Stay tuned to see more updates!
And let us know what you think at hello@flotiq.com. We will be happy to get feedback from you.
Let’s simplify content reuse together!
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