Unveiling the best of both worlds: Flotiq's latest release

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Unveiling the best of both worlds: Flotiq's latest release

Dive into the magic of Flotiq's latest release, a unique fusion of impactful changes that redefine your content management experience. Explore features designed to cater to both grand and finer aspects, and share your insights as we continue to innovate together

2 min read
Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
Unveiling the best of both worlds: Flotiq's latest release
We're excited to bring you the freshest updates straight from the Flotiq headquarters. This round of improvements is a testament to our commitment to providing you with a seamless and enriched content management experience.

Exciting dashboard change

The biggest news in this update is the introduction of the new and improved Flotiq Beta Dashboard as our main dashboard. This change follows a period of observation and testing, and we're eager to hear your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so let us know how you feel about the revamped dashboard!

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Enhancements and fixes

But that's not all – we've been working behind the scenes to enhance various aspects of Flotiq:
1. Improved Elastic Search Data Consistency
We've fine-tuned the Elastic Search data to ensure better consistency across the platform.
2. Faster Webhooks
Experience quicker responses as webhooks now execute with minimal delay, ensuring a more responsive interaction.
3. Enhanced CTD Form Validation
Our Content Type Definition (CTD) form validation has been upgraded to prevent the creation of select/radio options without valid choices, ensuring cleaner and more accurate data.
4. Fixed Error Reporting in Batch Endpoints
Errors are now accurately reported for individual objects in batch endpoints, providing a more precise understanding of issues.
5. Improved Elastic Search Data Consistency for Public Workflows
Consistency in Elastic Search data for public content publishing workflows has been optimized for a smoother user experience.
6. Fixed Webhooks Cache Invalidation
Changing the URL of your webhook now promptly updates without requiring cache clearance, streamlining the process.
7. Webhooks Optimization
Webhooks are now optimized to run on updates only when an object has changed, improving efficiency.
8. Added random_seed Parameter
Explore the new random_seed parameter for the search endpoint, adding an element of unpredictability to your content searches. 
Stay tuned for more updates, and don't hesitate to share your thoughts! Your experience with Flotiq is at the heart of everything we do. Keep innovating, keep creating, and keep exploring with Flotiq!

Frequently Asked Questions

Users can provide feedback on the new Flotiq Beta Dashboard by reaching out to the Flotiq team through their communication channels, such as email or support tickets.

Users can customize their webhook settings within the Flotiq platform, allowing them to configure webhooks to suit their specific needs and preferences.

While not explicitly mentioned in the article, Flotiq is constantly innovating and exploring new features and tools to enhance the user experience, so users can expect new updates and functionalities in future releases.
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