Enhance your Flotiq experience with plugins

3 min read

Enhance your Flotiq experience with plugins

Discover how Flotiq's new plugins can enhance your content management experience. Customize your interface, streamline workflows, and explore the easy-to-use plugin development program. Dive into the available plugins and get started today!

3 min read
Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
Enhance your Flotiq experience with plugins
Exciting news! From now on, you can easily customize your interface and streamline workflows thanks to Flotiq's easy-to-use plugins. Plus, you can also create your own plugins!
Together with the lifecycle webhooks and the recently published hosted webhooks, plugins take Flotiq's flexibility to the next level, especially for more complex projects and applications.

Ready-to-use Flotiq plugins

We have prepared three ready-to-use plugins for you:
  • Custom links: This plugin displays a button with a link in the content object editor. The link will be supplemented with data from the currently edited object, allowing you easy access to a preview of where the content is used.
  • Netlify build: Simplifies integration with Netlify hosting. You can trigger Netlify builds within Content Objects forms and quickly navigate to your Netlify pages from the Flotiq content editor.
  • Slug: Automatically generates browser-friendly URLs for your content. This plugin simplifies the process of creating slugs for your Content Objects. It’s particularly useful for automatically generating slugs based on existing data within a Content Object, such as the title of a blog post.

Custom plugins

Need to add a client's logo to the Flotiq dashboard or create a high-contrast version? With Flotiq, it's possible! You can develop your own plugins tailored to your or your client's needs.
Want to showcase your work? Share your completed plugins with our community on Discord. The most popular plugins will be considered for submission to Flotiq's marketplace, giving you a real impact on the development of our platform.

What else can you do with plugins?

The possibilities are endless! Plugins allow you to personalize Flotiq to suit your project’s needs better. Here are some cool things you can do with plugins:
  • Add custom buttons: Easily add buttons to trigger specific actions within Flotiq.
  • Custom validation: Implement unique validation rules for forms to ensure your data is perfect.
  • Custom rendering: Change how cells are displayed in the grid view to match your preferences.

How to start developing plugins

For developers interested in creating their own plugins, we provide easy-to-use templates:

Some benefits of using plugins

  • Customize the Flotiq interface to meet your needs.
  • Each space can have its own configuration.
  • Quickly and systematically experiment without needing to build a new version of the frontend.

Start writing your plugin today!

See how easy it is. Need more guidance? Join our community on Discord.
This is the first article in the series on UI plugins. Stay tuned for upcoming showcases of custom plugin development!
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