How Yabi by Souqalmal Leveraged Flotiq CMS for Rapid App Development

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How Yabi by Souqalmal Leveraged Flotiq CMS for Rapid App Development

The collaboration with Flotiq proved to be a game-changer for Yabimoney. They were able to launch their financial literacy app in a matter of weeks, a significant reduction in the typical development timeline that usually spans several months.

7 min read
Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
How Yabi by Souqalmal Leveraged Flotiq CMS for Rapid App Development
In the world of mobile applications, one of the most significant challenges businesses face isn't always about creating engaging user interfaces or developing innovative features. Instead, it's about managing the extensive and diverse content that makes those applications relevant, dynamic, and user-friendly. 
Businesses, particularly startups, are often confronted with the task of finding a robust and scalable Content Management System (CMS) that can support their evolving needs without burdening them with complex backend infrastructure. 
Today we will delve into the story of Yabimoney (Yabi by Souqalmal), a Middle East-based startup that successfully navigated this challenge. 
  • They developed a game-changing financial literacy app twice as fast, thanks to their decision to use Flotiq, a top-tier headless CMS solution.
  • Flotiq played a crucial role in Yabi by Souqalmal's success, providing insights that could be invaluable to businesses looking for efficient CMS solutions.
Let’s see how exactly it helped!

Key takeaways

8 weeks development time reduction thanks to Flotiq’s unique approach to API integrationFocus on team’s core technology team used Flutter and Flotiq’s drop-in SDK to integrate content in their appSkip the backend development with Flotiq’s fully managed backend the team could just start creating content Skip the infrastructure Yabimoney’s team fully relied on Flotiq for their data and content. They skipped the infrastructure part entirely.

Yabimoney's Journey Towards Financial Literacy Education

In the constantly evolving financial landscape of the Middle East, Yabimoney, a pioneering startup by Souqalmal, stands out for its commitment to financial education. 
  • Based in the UAE, and rapidly expanding to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yabi by Souqalmal provides cutting-edge financial advice and services and has made its mark as the leading financial comparison platform in the region.
  • Recognizing the growing need for financial literacy in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Yabimoney decided to leverage the power of technology to educate their target audience. 
  • They envisioned an app that could provide accessible and accurate financial education on-the-go. 
However, creating such an app required a reliable and scalable Content Management System (CMS) that could handle their vast and varied content without the complexities and constraints of backend infrastructure.
The search for the perfect CMS led Yabimoney to experiment with several solutions. Eventually, their search culminated in Flotiq, a robust, cloud-based headless CMS that features an OpenAPI JSON interface. 
We needed 5 minutes in the system to verify that it would be a fit

As Yabimoney's product and tech leader and director of engineering, Vlad, stated in our interview. 

Flotiq stood out among other CMS solutions due to its powerful features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration capabilities. The stage was set for Yabi by Souqalmal to create a groundbreaking financial literacy app.

Challenge: Developing a Robust Backend in a Competitive Landscape

In the fast-paced world of mobile apps, standing out from the competition is no easy task. Besides innovative features and a user-friendly interface, having a solid backend is paramount. It's the backbone that supports the app, ensuring its stability, speed, and scalability for future growth.
Yabimoney, given its mission to provide financial education, faced a dual challenge. 
  • On one hand, they needed to create engaging, educational content for their target audience. 
  • On the other hand, they needed a reliable, secure, and easy-to-manage system to host and manage this content. A solution that could handle their content model seamlessly as their app grew and evolved.
Moreover, speed was of the essence. The demand for financial education in the UAE and Saudi Arabia was growing rapidly. Yabi Money had to deliver their app quickly to seize this opportunity.
During our interview, Vlad, the Product & Tech Leader and Director of Engineering at Yabi Money, expressed the following:
Many companies don’t realize that they need headless CMS, but for teams building mobile apps - it can really be a game changer. 
Yabimoney was quick to understand this, but finding the right headless CMS that met their specific needs while ensuring data security and easy content model management was the real challenge.
Choosing Flotiq as their headless CMS solution was a strategic decision that helped Yabimoney turn these challenges into opportunities, enabling them to deliver a high-quality product swiftly to a market eagerly awaiting financial education solutions.

Solution: Flotiq, a User-Friendly and Robust Headless CMS

With the challenge at hand, Yabi Money found a reliable ally in Flotiq. 
  • This cloud-based headless CMS provided Yabimoney with a platform that was both robust and flexible, key traits needed for managing their diverse content model. 
  • Flotiq's OpenAPI generator turned out to be a game-changer, enabling Yabimoney's developers to integrate their app seamlessly without getting entangled in the intricacies of backend infrastructure.
  • Moreover, Flotiq's comprehensive API documentation helped expedite the development process. It became a go-to resource for Yabimoney's developers, allowing them to troubleshoot issues and implement functionalities more efficiently.
  • Perhaps the most impactful feature was Flotiq's user-friendly content type definition builder. With this tool, Yabi by Souqalmal was able to define and build various types of content for their app, moving at a pace of days instead of the traditional timeline of months.
One feature that really convinced us to use Flotiq was their OpenAPI integration and the ability to just generate a huge part of our application. It saved us weeks of development work.
As a result, Yabimoney's decision to leverage Flotiq for their content management needs not only allowed them to maintain a high-quality user experience, but also substantially accelerated their app's time-to-market. The robust headless CMS solution proved to be the perfect companion in Yabimoney's quest to provide financial education through a user-friendly mobile app.

The Outcome: Faster Delivery and Enhanced Content Management with Flotiq

The collaboration with Flotiq proved to be a game-changer for Yabimoney. They were able to launch their financial literacy app in a matter of weeks, a significant reduction in the typical development timeline that usually spans several months. 
This accelerated process was possible due to the fact that Yabimoney's team did not need to build the backend infrastructure from scratch. Instead, they could channel their energies towards perfecting their core product - the financial literacy content.
Vladimir Vlach, product & tech leader and director of engineering at Yabimoney, along with his team, found Flotiq to be responsive and always open to their feedback. This was key to making necessary adjustments and enhancements along the development journey.
Yabimoney's experience demonstrates the power of Flotiq's content model management tools. The ability to add new types of content to their app in days, instead of months, allowed them to stay ahead of the curve, meet the growing demand for financial education in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and launch their app faster.
Overall, the integration of Flotiq resulted in a saving of 8 weeks in development time. This highlights not only the efficiency of Flotiq's system, but also its potential to facilitate rapid development and deployment of applications, even in highly competitive and dynamic markets.

Conclusion: A Positive Experience and A Strong Recommendation

Yabimoney's journey in developing a financial literacy app highlights the crucial role of a reliable and flexible CMS in the fast-paced world of app development. Their success story with Flotiq is a testament to the latter's robustness, scalability, and user-friendliness.
The Yabimoney engineering team, under the leadership of Vladimir Vlach, found great value in Flotiq's responsiveness and willingness to consider their feedback. These qualities helped Yabimoney fine-tune the CMS to their specific needs and continuously improve their product's performance.
Moreover, the overall flexibility and reliability of Flotiq have been instrumental in streamlining Yabimoney's content management processes. These features, combined with the potential to add new types of content swiftly and efficiently, made Flotiq an excellent choice for Yabi by Souqalmal.
Based on their positive experience, Yabimoney would wholeheartedly recommend Flotiq to other startups and businesses seeking an efficient and user-friendly headless CMS. By adopting such a solution, companies can focus on their core product development, deliver faster, and meet the evolving demands of their market with confidence and agility.
Yabimoney's experience with Flotiq reinforces the belief that choosing the right CMS can significantly boost a company's growth and market presence.
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